The purpose of this program is to spread the work throughout the club instead of just a few volunteers and board members doing everything.

Once the teams have been established they will be required to fullfill 30 volunteer hours for Rec teams or 60 volunteer hours for Comp teams. WSC board member teams are not exempt from this policy and will operate under the same rules as the other teams. However, if a board member is on a committee, then those hours count towards their volunteer hours.

Volunteer hours shall be performed during the calendar year and all volunteer jobs will be approved by the WSC board. The coach or team manager will be responsible for coordinating their volunteers with the various duties that will be made available.

All hours must be e-mailed to as they are completed so as to alleviate last minute “creativity”.

Some of the approved volunteer activities are:

  • Registration
  • Field Marshals
  • Trash pickup
  • Tournament assistance
  • Christmas Parade
  • Net installation
  • Field preparation

There may be other duties that will arise during the each season and those duties will be posted when they become available.

We have nearly 500 players in our club with almost 40 teams. However the club is being run by about a dozen volunteers… we need the help.
John Gerald
Recreation Coach Coordinator