Executive Board members as of January 2022

The entire board can be reached at board[at]woodlandsoccerclub.com, however general inquiries should be sent to info[at]woodlandsoccerclub.com

Role Name Since Contact
President Shawn Seyk 2022 president[at]woodlandsoccerclub.com
1st Vice President Jesus Esparza 2022 jesus.esparza[at]woodlandsoccerclub.com
2nd Vice President Andres Marquez 2022 andresm[at]woodlandsoccerclub.com
3rd Vice President Daniel Guttierrez 2021 danielg[at]woodlandsoccerclub.com
Secretary Silvia L. Garcia 2020 silviagarcia[at]woodlandsoccerclub.com
Treasurer Matt Settles 2022 treasurer[at]woodlandsoccerclub.com
Registrar Robert Oldham 2022 registrar[at]woodlandsoccerclub.com
Director of Coaching Julian Limon-Espinosa 2022 doc[at]gmail.com
Technical Director (boys) Adrian Perez 2021 adrian.perez[at]woodlandsoccerclub.com
Technical Director (girls)
Academy Coordinator Ryan Mannee 2021 ryanmannee[at]woodlandsoccerclub.com
Field Coordinator Tino Medina 2009 fields[at]woodlandsoccerclub.com
Head Referee/Scheduler Jose Moreno 2019 headreferee[at]woodlandsoccerclub.com
Community Outreach Coordinator Vacant

The Club membership, at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), elects members of the board by majority vote. The term of office shall be two (2) years, beginning on January 1st, following the AGM in which elected. The President, Secretary, Third Vice President, Director of Coaching, and Practice Fields Coordinator are elected at AGM meetings in odd numbered years and the First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Registrar, Treasurer, and Head Referee are elected at AGM meetings in even numbered years. Should a vacancy occur on the Board of Directors during the year, the Board of Directors elects a replacement to complete the term of office.