Prepare your binder and have the following in it:

1. Your player passes on a ring in alphabetical order.
2. A copy of your schedule.
3. A copy of your league insurance policy.
4. All of your yellow registration forms for medical release.
5. A copy of the WSC contact list.
6. A copy of the WSC field use permits.
7. Your game card stickers already made for the entire season.

Fill out your game cards for the home games of your season and attach your game card stickers for your home games.
The week before a game you should:

1. Call the other coach to make sure everything is all set for your game; directions, correct field, game time, etc.
2. Make sure your team and parents know when and where the game is.

Pack your game bag.

1. Game balls with your team name written on them.
2. Extra shin guards.
3. Extra shoes (?).
4. Medical tape, pre-wrap, band-aids, ice pack, etc.
5. Air pump with extra needles.

Game day…

1. Show up to your game on time.
2. When the game is over, call in your scores. If you are CPL or Metro, e-mail them ASAP.
3. Clean up after your team. Do not leave anything on the field.
4. Make sure the game card is filled out completely and mail it to the address on the card. (mailing only for REC)
5. Take a nap.